The secret of the longevity of the great body is a continuing process of reinventionalism. People who can adapt to the times are people who live, and we just have to see the current and widespread General History of History to see how fast the contribution to the global economy can explode.

In addition to the fun or not, IBM is a company that is still lacking in rapid study of changes in the information technology sector. However, we know, may not look like the financial results of IBM that have been seen in 2018 and the previous year.

Big Blue

still has one of the biggest business systems on the planet, and it’s more beneficial, about gross profit as a percentage of revenues, from business server chips, storage, and heavily-scaled networks for decades, larger than IBM systems business.

The net effect is both spending the total amount of cash every year.) Comparison is the case for Apple, because Intel creates processors, chipsets, and keyboards when IBM does everything and makes system operations, middleware, databases, other software, and provides support and financing for the system.

This vast IBM operating system, covered by the system’s main System z, is located at the heart of the world’s largest largest organization, and is powered by the Power Systems business, aiming for all goal and goal winners in the epic battle between Sun Microsystems , Hewlett Packard, and others in the Unix open server that has existed since the 1980s for many years. IBM won, but he won a decline market by a 10X factor. But it certainly beat the war.

However, inside the RISC

Unix company and HPC home server has shut down Linux so hard on the system, as if to process all of the system memory on a large scale like SAP HANA for outgoing cluster that runs various types of HPC simulation and stock exchange models or analytics data.

Linux is the development of platform operating systems that are located in the datacenter – Windows Server Windows is underdeveloped for years as Linux is the platform choice for new applications. It is clear that Microsoft has pursued and developed open source software (what is running Linux) and why it is trying to upgrade commercial open source software and good.

Red Hat Linux to $ 34 billion.

The IBM strategy works quite well for the company to continue investing in the future of the main System z and Power Processors into the future, but they need a great part of the software system and Red Hat will give.

Let’s try to tempt the business of this system, because Big Blue will surely want to say the numbers better in the word buzzan today and obscuring real business reality. We will start by number 4 as reported and then make some guesstimating.

IBM did not detect Wall Street with twenty-four of its revenue cuts over the past few years, and the company again experienced a 3.5 percent increase in sales in 2018, at $ 21.76 billion. This is largely due to strengthening US dollars against foreign currencies in countries where Big Blue is practiced in most businesses, and this is a common complaint to multinational monsters.

IBM has a total profit of $ 10.68 billion from this revenue in four years, down 1.6 percent, and income before taxes of $ 4.34 billion, dropping just ten by ten points; They bring $ 1.95 billion to the bottom, which is better than the $ 1.05 billion reduces over a number of writowns.

In the fourth year

IBM sold $ 2.62 billion (including storage) of hardware from 21.3 percent last year, with 71 percent development in the main system z as the generation of z14 machines began operating in Q4 2017.

IBM sells $ 238 again million hardware systems to other parts of the company, but this is internal sales that are only used to estimate the profit capitalization of the business system. In any case, the major skeleton that spans a year ago is very difficult.

The Power System system consists of a scalable system, used at one and thirteen to customers using AIX platforms and IBM IBM itself to build end-end enterprise applications and databases.


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