It will not be Today’s Artist, as it had earlier this week on a former Intel intellectual property founder Robert Noyce, that such a chip would not open several pages on the road map for CPU and GPU in the future.

The details are somewhat rare

as is often the case, in the road map that is revealed to many. However, the main product lines, key managers and ODMs and OEMs, see the highs of printing, as King of the Republic, core group core vectors of Core and Visual Computing, the central solution manager’s solution and chief architect of Intel, explains in his speech at the Architecture Day .

The composition of these data does not make much sense of what this network is counting, networks, and thanksgiving are looking for when traveling to the market or, as often as in the past year, no.

There is no problem when Intel is at least smart that it has been seen for more than ten years, and it’s healthy for Intel and its rivals in the datacenter.

But the fool will think that Intel, when it is characterized by a paranoia legend, can not turn it off and allow a good cricket. It has happened again and once again, as we know it, and why it’s easy: Is Intel, and its rivals, making it very difficult.

At a certain level

it’s nice to have any chip out of time, less behave like the designers want. Modern CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs can be said to be the most complicated, and most important – and foremost tools to backtrack and appreciate.

what has been done in decades of cocoons in data centers and critical Intel critiques to make great innovations in art and architecture growing rapidly. This is the hardest market, and this is why it is a great reward for the winners.

Ronak Singhal

one of the company’s Intel Fellow and chief architect of the company, launches some of the key features and CPUs that will be used in its Core processors and Xeon servers, as well as providing tips for instructions on Atom processors that are listed on the system as storage machines, network functionality, and other workloads in greenhouses.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and computer from Carnegie Mellon and worked on Intel after graduating in 1997, and especially in team performance for the Pentium 4 processor, in the NetBurst design that Intel could have denied until 10 GHz on his return.

(Thermal degradation was too high for work, because the company met all our disappointments.) Singhal leads the performance team for the transformation of “Nehalem” Xeons, who started his career in 2009 with modified architecture, and “Westmere” Xeons, and after It heads the core development of “Haswell” Xeons.

It is responsible for the design of CPU core for family, Core, Atom, and Xeon family.

There are several changes that come with the core of the core that are used in the Core and Xeon processors, and Singhal ran through several people when he said in Architecture Days earlier this week. Undoubtedly, this is slow to the core of Xeon.

Core and Atom:

As you will find, there will be an annual rhythm to update the microcritur to the core used in the Core and Xeon lines, matching the annualization and refinement (and annual output) of the 14 nanometer and 10 nanometer making process, as we have discussed earlier this week.

This means that the old old tandem model officially dies for Cores and Xeons, about the hardware and design that Intel has used for over a decade to reduce the risk by simply replacing one of the things – a processor or a micro architect – at the same time.

But the AMD and Arm rivalry has steadily increased, with annual design improvements coupled with an increase in manufacturing processes, so Intel has to step quickly and to mitigate the risks.

We assume that Intel is stealing slightly, and for changing the monolithic of Cores and Xeons to modules module modules, combining different processors with different functions, such as AMD, Xilinx, and Barefoot Network have stated that the chip will come in 2019. We do not it would be very impressive if it worked and then “Ice Lake” Xeons was executed at 10 n


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