The importance of neuromorphic computing results in research into new types of memory devices that can mimic biological and synthetic neurons. This paper recently displays the present situation in the field that finds the best technology available.

Six types of devices are monitored including memory-free access (father), IE Memristors, memory phase changes (PCM), magnetic-resistive spintronics based random access memory (MRAM), ferroelectric field-effect transistors (FeFETs), and synaptic transistors . We will continue.


According to the “flying” model of the memristor, the father is an electronic switch that exhibits non-volatility, that, the state will retain resistance even after the voltage is turned off. It can be made from some of the most common oxides of compounds.

According to authors, the main advantage is the father of size, CMOS compatibility, less power consumption, and modulation of analog conductance, all of which have the first option for memory generation next.

The compatibility of neuromorphic computing is associated with the ability of the missionary to change the country under historical pressure. As a result of this behavior, it has the temporal and analog nature of biological and synthetic neurons. However, making this driver more uniform so that they operate will always be a challenge, he says.

We reported in 2017, a group at the University of Michigan Electrical and Computer Science University headed by Wei Lu demonstrating the device using the neuromorphic Memristors bar arranged in series. In the process of assisting commercial technology as the chief of crossbar scientists, the company engaged in the establishment in 2010 and is hiring customers to introduce solutions to the market of crossbar dad.


Based on the type of lightning that uses diffusive active metals, the technology also attracts researchers. According to the authors, these Memristors can derive synaptic plasticity behavior using a unique conductance feature that allows the old forgotten, short-term information, when lock-up Alexa web.

Experimental devices with a profiler profile with ReRAM can display unattended learning. This work was led by a team of researchers at the University of Massachusetts, which only applies to writing three authors. So far, there is no commercial execution. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been keen for many years because of the rule, especially for a consolation system, known as a Machine.


PCM is a high performance, non-volatile memory, in this case, based on a compound of glass chalcogenide that replaces resistance as it moves from one phase to another.

The crystalline phase of the material is one of the low resistivity, while the amorphous phase shows high level of appreciation. The phase change is available by using or removing an electric current. Unlike NAND-based conventional memory, a number of PCM devices are able to withstand the tickets infinitely.

such as IBM Research, which came with PCM DIMM that can serve as a volatile cache. Over the past year, researchers have built PCI-Express PCM cards that can be connected to the Power8 server and multicolored exchange data interconnect data processor Interconnect (Capi).

neuromorphic computerization, including the effort to propose a neuromorphic circuit design complete with PCM to mimic both nerve and synapses.


Spam-based MRAM, sometimes referred to as MRAM (STT-MRAM) torque transfer, stores magnetic data but uses electrons to read and write. Magnetic characters provide instability, which provides electronic speeds. Some implementations can write data almost as fast as DRAM.

Storage elements include two ferromagnetic layers, which include free layers and coated layers, non-magnetic oxide sandwich coating. Act by resolving the required resistance to change the magnetization of the direction in the other direction.

Different resistance situations can be achieved by inserting a domain wall in a free layer. Stochastic properties to change the condition of the device can be used to simulate synthetic stochastic behavior.

STT-MRAM’s commercial products are developed in Avalanche Technology, Spin Memory, and Everspin Technologies. Samsung and Intel also began to control …


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